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Glass lens series

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  •         1. The soft material that abrasion above 400(FCD1、FCD100、FCD515) and the hard material that abrasion below 100(TAC8、NBFD11) can be mass manufacture stably.

            2. Grinding capacity: outer diameter ∮2.5~∮150; R data: 3~∞; surface  precision within 1/20λ

            3. Centering: The centering machines ( made in Japan and China) have high accuracy, can produce abnormal lens and have step lens.

            4. Coating: Can produce wideband AR film, wideband AR film, IRCUT film, automotive lens with waterproof film or UV/IR film and so on.

            5. Painting & bonding:  can glue the lenses that the diameter is bigger than 70mm,

            6. The production capacity is 5KKpcs/M.

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